Keep Your Restaurant Spotless With SanMar Building Services

sanmar 148 19th Jan, 2023

                         If you're looking for accomplished restaurant cleaning services in NYC, you're in luck! SanMar Building Services - the most reliable restaurant cleaning NYC company can ensure that your diner is spick and span for all your customers. 

Having the right restaurant cleaning services can make all the difference in the appearance, cleanliness & growth of your business. Our top restaurant cleaning services will go above and beyond to ensure that your restaurant looks its best.  

Types Of Restaurant Cleaning Services

There are a variety of restaurant cleaning services available depending on the needs of your business. These can include basic daily cleaning, deep cleaning, floor care & carpet cleaning, hood cleaning, and more. SanMar's NYC Hood Cleaning Service specializes in grease hood and duct system cleaning. 

They provide thorough and safe hood cleaning, as well as air quality testing to make sure your air quality is up to standard. They also offer exhaust fan maintenance, deep fryer filtering, and vent cleaning services. 

Floor care services may include buffing, waxing and stripping, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, tile and grout scrubbing, and window cleaning. Other specialized services can include refrigerator, oven & kitchen appliance maintenance, and disinfection. 

Ultimately, employing a professional restaurant cleaning service is a dependable and cost-effective approach to maintaining a pristine restaurant. SanMar Building Services recognizes the significance of maintaining a clean & pleasant restaurant. Our team of highly-trained professionals will provide you with an individualized plan to meet your needs, from weekly maintenance to deep cleaning and everything in between. 

We understand the importance of efficiency and affordability when it comes to cleaning services and strive to provide both. So if you are in need of a comprehensive NYC hood cleaning service, contact SanMar Building Services at (917) 924-5590 today!

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