DFC tank pressure vessel manufacturer co Ltd

dfctankvessel 177 11th Jan, 2023

                         DFC tank pressure vessel manufacturer co.,Ltd is very skilled in manufacturing all 
kinds of pressure vessels, heat exchanger, air cooler, filter, separator and so on.
We are an expert in this line since 1984. Owning the first class technology and 
talents, DFC comes to the top of this industry. Not only domestically but also 
abroad our presure vessels sells very well. Years after years, DFC wins its 
reputation because of its enduring product quality and lasting reliable service. 
And the last not the least is the price. It is very competitive because of many 
years technology innovation and accumulation of manufacturing experiences.
We give our customer a wide choices of products which include fermentation tanks, 
water filter, oil and gas separators, air cooler, heat exchanger, air storage tank, 
large storage tank, liquid steel storage tank, fuel filter, surge tank, conveying 

tank, high pressure vessels,flash tanks and so on. 

Our products serves a wide range of industries such as chemical industry, 
pharmentation factory, oil industry, water treatment line, beverage industry, power 
plant etc.DFC strictly complies with the international standard such as,ASME U2 
Certification, ASME U Stamp Certification, ASME Code Section VIII Div.1, AS1210, 
CU-TR Technical Passport, EN 13445, TEMA, API 650, API 620, API 661 and PD 5500, 
Depending on our advanced technology and colorful experiences of manufacturing, we 

own great ability in producing different materials and wide range dimensions 

pressure vessels.
We can control our fabrication from start to finish. We can adjust our production 
processing and delivery time to meet your schedule. Choose our products, you save 
the cost and the time.https://www.dfctank.com.
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